Let Nutrition House help you to Reach Your Potential!

Natural health products can improve mental, physical and emotional wellness. So whether your goal is to increase energy, lose weight, boost your child’s cognitive function, or more specifically to achieve more and recover faster from activities such as hockey, marathons, zumba classes, weightlifting and other specific workout regimes, the Reach Your Potential programs are perfect for you and your family.

How can we help you achieve your goals?

We make this possible by sourcing the most efficacious remedies from the world’s most trusted brands, demystifying your shopping experience and by providing the industry’s most knowledgeable staff.

Furthermore, as Canada’s leading natural health retail franchise, Nutrition House specializes in a consultative approach. Our advisors on staff are trained to listen, educate and develop sound solutions that optimize your personal goals to help you Reach Your Potential.

At Nutrition House “Better Health” starts with:

  • Better educated natural health products advisors on staff
  • Better at demystifying the natural health shopping experience
  • Better staff to help assess your personal health situation
  • Better understanding of your personal needs
  • Better equipped to place the ideal nutrients into your hands

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Weight Loss


Boost your success.

Diet and exercise can transform your body – add nutrients that support weight management, and you’ll uncover your best body yet.

Feel full, reduce cravings and build strength with whey protein. Burn more energy with GCB extract. Reduce body mass fat with CLA.

REACH YOUR POTENTIAL with a body supported by well-researched weight loss nutrients.

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Precision Extreme CLA

A fat-fighting formulation with 2 scientifically proven ingredients.

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